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Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax

ORGANIC BLEND FOR A POWERFUL STACHE - Our organic mustache wax contains 4 organically sourced ingredients formulated to keep your stache in immaculate condition This wax is proudly USA made and contains absolutely no chemicals, GMO, dyes, fillers or pesticides to keep your mustache safe.

THICKER & STRONGER HAIR GROWTH – Our natural pomade uses organic coconut oil to protect hair from excess heat and other environmental impurities. It also harnesses the hair growth and regrowth powers of the Vitamin E, K, and Iron found in coconut oil that helps you grow thicker and stronger hair.

SHINY OR MATTE STYLE - Easily style your mustache with our styling wax made with organic Carnauba wax. Carnauba wax allows the hair to have flex, while still maintaining it's style. A more natural way of providing hold than hair gel, this hair product is malleable enough to style hair any way you like. No worries about harsh or damaging chemicals on your stache.

WHAT TO EXPECT - Certified Organic Mustache wax offers a different consistency than that of chemical based holds. It is important to understand that this product offers the most natural hold for a styling product on the market. No fillers or chemicals, just straight organic ingredients. In the event you receive a firmer than expected product, please note that using the back of your thumbnail to start the wax off will soften it over time. This wax is truly one of a kind.